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Our agricultural supply chain: a long rope linking us, with no knots.

From the earth to the mouth...A journey in good taste.

From the earth to the mouth...A journey in good taste.

There are probably very few of us who have had the opportunity to visit the tropics, and even fewer who have visited a cocoa plantation.  

Plantations are usually found in remote, sometimes hostile locations. They are often criticized for being situated far from the creature comforts associated with traditional hospitality structures. 

However, the charms of a cocoa plantation are truly worth these inconveniences, and they soon overwhelm even the wariest or naive of visitors.  

The climate is usually tiring. Heat and humidity are typical in the tropics, and essential for the growth and reproduction of cocoa plants, their flowering, the development of the fruit or the splendid Cabossas.

The climate and other environmental factor allow for two harvest per year, and in fact, a monthly harvest is possible during the entire calendar year. It's a beautiful thing to encounter plants that are blooming and fruits that are already ripe.

Ah…the harvesting is done by hand. The cocoa plant grows in the shade of taller vegetation, and its height varies from just a few to eight meters tall. The cocoa fruit, cabossa, grows attached to the trunk or the larger branches.

Through our partner, Acopagro, we support projects that provide technical assistance, economic/financial commercial support, work with the territory and farmers, and social initiatives aimed at education, healthcare, human rights and environmental protection to the plantations along our supply chain.

Our crops are purchased and then transferred to the selection and production plant, particular attention is given during the transport of our precious cocoa, to ensure that it is not contaminated by mold or insect life.

Once the cocoa arrives at its destination, (and yes, the cocoa travels in jute sacks), it is stored and opened. Each of the cocoa beans in the lot is tested and analyzed, and only those meeting our standards in terms of aroma and organoleptic quality, are approved.

Our finished products, the chocolate bars, are similarly tested and approved, and only the best are kept and sent out by courier according to the commercial and distribution demands.

Everything is kept under effective, professional attentive and comprehensive control.

Our supply chain, it is the long thread that binds us, without knots.

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