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Our Dark Chocolate: Organic, healthy with only three ingredients. Our Milk Chocolate - Organic and healthy, at a fair price for everyone. Our White Chocolate:  Even if it isn't technically chocolate…It is delicious, good and Organic. Our Sugar Free Dark Chocolate…an Our Milk Chocolate, with no added sugar. A real treat for all. Ottosnack Quinoa Ottosnack Golden Inca Berries
Organic hazelnuts chocolate spread

Organic hazelnuts chocolate spread

Size 200 gr

The only and one hazelnuts cream combining three certifications guarantees: organic, fairtrade and gluten free. Our organic trinitarian cocoa’s flavour matches the delicate italian hazelnuts’scent, leaving a pleasing sense of fulfillment and sweetness. Totally free from palm oil, is enriched, instead, by organic refined and cold pressed sunflower oil. The use of the highest quality ingredients, results in a cream characterized by an intense flavour.

Organic hazelnuts chocolate spread

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