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Chocolate properties. Little pleasures, big values.

Chocolate, food for the body, energy for the spirit.

Chocolate, food for the body, energy for the spirit.

Chocolate is the most important product derived from cocoa bean processing.
The average annual cocoa harvest usually amounts to around 3,000,000 tons.
The cocoa trees are divided into three main "families":

Forastero Cocoa The most popular and most harvested in terms of quantity (about 92-93% of the the world's annual crop), but the most modest in terms of quality. This is the variety used by large confectionery industries to make chocolate and other prime materials (cocoa powder, cocoa butter, etc) that are used in snack products, ice cream, puddings, chocolate, cakes, cookies, etc etc)  In all of these cases the industry relies on poor varieties of cocoa because they are not interested in bringing out the flavors and properties of the cocoa, but believe its primary function is to give the color and aroma of chocolate.  

Trinitario Cocoa:  "Fine" cocoa, aromatic by tradition and definition. This cocoa is harvested from small areas within specific ecosystems, noted for their excellence.  Attention to post-harvest processing yields chocolate with the highest aromatic profile and taste, such as our Otto Chocolates.

Criollo: Minimally harvested, often only a few kilograms.  This cocoa is of excellent quality, with distinct aromatic notes and rare delicacy- it is difficult to find and yields a very expensive end product.

This premise is intended to serve as an outline, to build a greater awareness of our product as well as chocolate in general. In particular, to highlight the idea that by starting with precious plants, working with simple, accurate processes, the end product can be an exceptionally healthy one, with a concrete nutritional profile.  And while not proven by scientific tests, is also capable of arousing feelings and a state of mind to which other agribusiness products cannot compare. 

I repeat; I am speaking only of chocolate bars and not confectionery products, that almost always have ingredient lists and labels worthy of the most shocking and obscure chemical laboratories. 

The cocoa bean itself is composed of about 50% dry matter (powder) and 50% fat (cocoa butter), which can then be dividd and extracted via chemical processes or by subjecting the paste obtained by grinding and heating the seeds to extremely high pressure.

The seeds that already contain the "good" characteristics of what will then become the finished product.
In particular, the high concentration of polyphenols - flavonoids  make the cocoa (and thus the dark chocolate it yields) an extraordinary and powerful antioxidant, which have been shown to help maintain the youthfulness of the entire cardiovascular system.  Evidence suggests that chocolate has the capacity to counteract the development of "bad" cholesterol, prevent the oxidation of fats circulating in the blood and increase blood flow to the arteries within hours after consumption.  

Other natural components of cocoa and dark chocolates are phenylethylamine, which stimulates the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for mood, in the body.  And the presence of high concentrations of theobromine, a substance that supports the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

Recent studies also argue that the naturally occurring theobromine in cocoa and dark chocolate is also an effective sedative for coughs.

Also, since it is still a high-calorie and energy product, as long as eaten in moderation it can also be considered  a valid energy source and an economical choice in alternative therapeutic diets.

At the same time, many studies and research have incontrovertibly refuted the influence of chocolate in the formation of acne vulgaris and/or the proliferation of dental cavities.

Of course we are talking about fine  dark chocolate, and all additional ingredients added to the simple, basic recipe expand and dilute the effects and benefits of the product.

What I want to reiterate, should not be as intense as a pharmaceutical or therapeutic Appendix, but to support an optimal psycho- physical condition.

And often, the hedonistic aspect of the consumption of one of the most popular and most universally shared products  at any latitude, age, social class, gender, ethnicity, religion, is the strongest health motivation you can imagine, at a very modest cost .

Chocolate good, healthy and at the right price.

I still like to mention, in addition to those already analyzed, some of the other positive characteristics that have been recognized in chocolate products.

Among other things, the phenylethylamine is said to calm hunger.


Anadamide (from the Sanskrit "ananda = happiness"), another element found in cocoa, is a sensory stimulator that can induce euphoria.

The methylxanthines in cocoa-chocolate, are stimulants.  They can keep you awake and lucid, and combat physical fatigue.

Cocoa also contains twice as much phosphorus as fish, which has an extraordinary positive effect on memory and cognitive functioning.

The cocoa and other ingredients used in the Otto Chocolate lines do not contain gluten, and can be safely incorporated into gluten free diets or consumed by those suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, a small, but significant relief, at a fair price.

A moderate amount of chocolate can also be included in the diets of those affected by diabetes, as long as it is consumed in a balanced manner, with deference to its high caloric value.  Even better if preference is given to a high quality, healthy and organic chocolate product!  This is why we have created a line of small sizes, ready to enjoy, without having to worry about studying the nutritional labels and calorie count.  

Recent research has also shown that consuming small mounts of chocolate during pregnancy can coiner the development of preeclampsia and the loss of protein in the urine.  

The effective metabolism of fat and sugar found in chocolate also helps to optimize the physiological processes in lactating women. And of course the morale boost is essential during such a delicate phase of life.

Regarding allergic reactions to certain foods, chocolate holds the last place on a descending list starting with fish, eggs, shellfish, milk and dairy products, celery, strawberries, legumes, wheat, peanuts, mussels, beef and potatoes.  It really is a food for almost everyone!

There are other properties attributed to chocolate consumption, in some cases so widespread that they have become the stuff of urban legends. FOrms of addiction, dependence, aphrodisiac, irresistible desire, sympathy, affection and devotion associated with this extraordinary product can be addressed and interpreted on an individual basis.  

Surely, the state of well-being and pleasure that accompanies the act of tasting chocolate opens the heart and palate for those passionate about this food of the gods!

In practice, the moderate consumption of chocolate, preferably dark, and even better if high-quality and organic brings sweetness to all.
Ah…avoid offering your dog a taste however, even small amounts have been shown to have disastrous effects.

If you really want to share with your pet, you'd be better off nibbling on one of his treats.  Our cardiovascular and digestive systems are much stronger than his.

Otto Chocolates knows all of this, and tried to make all information regarding our product transparent and understandable.  So if you truly seek a vice, consume and spread Otto Chocolates.

It's good, it's healthy , its affordable, its legal and its shareable!
Happy tasting! 


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